Ah… There are so many ways to slice and dice up the Mac daddy of Zones from Whistler… Garbonzo! There is a shitload of radness up there, but given I didn’t quite get the angles I wanted, its another montage mash up. This time though, its a sweet blend of Flow and Tech action, in a more orderly fashion as we work our way down No Joke and Freight Train.

For good measure there is a variety of runs thrown in, a cheeky conditions contrast to show how different it can feel from day to day. So, tune out and enjoy some of the Garbo scenery:

Astute readers may comment that there isn’t any Double Black action (Mojo issues), nor any Duffman action – Fear not on the latter, it shall be coming direct in days ahead.

Back to the hot and steamy shrediting room to make MORE!

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