Fooooaahhhh… Taking a brief moment away from the Shrediting room to ponder why I feel so flogged out. Yes, it may have something to do with the Crazy Schedule that kicked off two months ago now being over. You know that moment when you’ve been ON the motherfucker continuously and when you finally stop, BAM, you feel more spent than a wolf post the CRC annual sale.

Looking back though the last 2 months of traveling and riding and it has been pretty insane – Japan, to Whistler, to NZ, to France and back to the Global hub. Its time to take stock for sure and spend more than a week in one time zone:


Road, DH, XC and So fucking Enduro right now: All the cycling bases covered (that count)

Still, aside from mad shrediting, it hasn’t been all sitting around… No, there’s been a new Nomadness project underway back here in the Global hub. That’s right, the new Nomad 3 complete with its devil wheels is about to be commissioned and yesterday the project reached a defining moment: Dropping off the Nomad 2 to have a few items swapped over.

This was an oddly challenging moment… I suspect its a combo that there is NOTHING wrong in any way, shape or form with the current bike, mixed in with all the experiences that we have had together. Starting in Rotorua @ Bike Culture and culminating in that awesome final day in France, with a mass of crazy adventures in between:


Nomad by name, Nomad by nature…

Its never easy to pass in a bike that you not only love, but have also had amazing times with. It doesn’t help that you feel you’re also caving in to marketing and general hype, but part of me wanted to get on the Nomad 3 train at the start of its lifecycle, not towards the end like I did with the 2. I sure hope its as good as they have been foaming at the mouth over on pretty much every site that has reviewed it. Watch this space for the final product and initial impressions, from not just one, but THREE of them! Yes, we’ve gone viral on it.

So, its back to the Crazy Global Hub and yes, all its associated weirdness, which has been peaking out massively in my absence. Seems that when you leave a geek factory unchecked, it really can run out of control unnecessarily and just end up doing dumb shit. Cryptic paragraph this one? Perhaps, but not for those I’m winking at… More on that in the future.

Rock on and don’t let cunts ruin your ride people! More Dirty Video from France/Italy coming at ya soon.

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