Well, welcome to the first post everyone… This is more of a test posting than anything else, but will also take the opportunity to outline wassup and how I intend to roll on this site.

Essentially its about travel and bikes, nothing to fancy there, but the blog is an attempt to upgrade myself from e-mail updates to something slightly easier to manage. Updates will be longer than a tweet, but not novels (unless its been an epic day), they should all be about riding (unless I have some deep and meaningful shit to get out, so unlikely) and are basically about keeping people in the loop on whats happening as I roll.

Today was Day 1 of being pro! I suspect the pro career will be short lived, but for the moment there is no job and only road trips ahead… So stay tuned for some updates, photos, videos and if I get it right, a few laughs as the circus rolls on.  I am a fan of writing, especially when linked to images or decent characters, as todays ride was a solo spin, here is a snap shot that encapsulates todays ride, which is radically different from what is to come over the next 10 days:

For a moment I wasn't in Singapore...

For a moment I wasn’t in Singapore…

Any way, keep tuned for some updates of rides from 3 very different locations over the next couple of months!

Parental guidance – Language and general themes may offend at times, so proceed with caution

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