There is a downside with upgrading your Go PRO processes to include 2 batteries and a mobile hard drive that you clear to daily:

Unlimited capacity to film

Sounds like a great thing at the time, until you hit the Shrediting room that is! As such, over the next week or so, I shall be wading my way through a feast of French action. After yesterdays World Cup cage of death vid, today is significantly more sedate and relaxed. Its a quick montage of some of the riding action around the 3 valleys in Meribel:

My main aim with this one is to give a quick taste of the type of riding that Meribel has to offer. To be fair this doesn’t capture all of it, but there will be more to come in the week ahead. As you can see, its full alpine action there in Meribel, but you do get some tree action in spots. I missed capturing the red trails on the lower lift, but they were mud fucked any way, so not a great loss.

Never fear, the video to come will be slightly more action packed, which is why I’ve kept this mofo tight.

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