I have arrived back in the Dirty Global hub and have worked out that the Zurich to Singapore route is reasonably fatal for Jet lag… Its essentially a day flight that lands right when you want to be going to sleep, at the start of a new day. Awesome.

As such, you’ll excuse me for pissing into the chronological winds by posting the last French video first, if that makes sense. I haven’t slept for 36 hours (may be counting that wrong), so can’t guarantee it does.

Anyway – Something that will make sense, this shredit of me taking on the Meribel World Cup DH course. Yes, it was well documented here, but I think the video brings it to life in a vastly superior format. I have also mind melded in some actual PRO footage to provide you with some face slapping contrasts on style. Must be watched in HD:

A couple of points:

  • Its much steeper than it looks here
  • I had the camera under my TLD Helmet visor, so this is as close to a Nomad’s eye view as its gonna get
  • I shot it in 1080p, which looks WAY better than it does by the time it gets to Vimeo in 720p #fuckedoffface
  • You may get motion sickness watching it, I got motion sickness riding the motherfucker.

Regardless of all that BS, my general hope is that this video outlines how ‘tricky’ this thing was… It kicked my Asssss… You’ll note in some sections that I have allowed the native audio to come through, yip, those FUCKS are involuntary, as is the porn star panting action that may pop in from time to time.

Enjoy and then if you have time for a massive contrast, watch in HD this little number, its Sam Hill’s race run on exactly the same course, and yes, that would be the winning run:

If that doesn’t fuck with your head after watching my run, nothing will. Totally mental and I have no idea how that shit works… PRO baby, PRO.

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