To prove I am still alive (just) after my first day back at that thing they call WORK, its time to push out a post (that may have been crafted over the weekend...).

Right… Back to the French Dirty Video action! The day of riding at Super Morzine was so awesome and generated so much footage, I’ve had to split things into two Shredits. In part 1, I get the DH bike treatment by Spanky and Tour Guide Mark as we sample Super Morzine and the trail to Chatel:

That was some of the good bits of Super Morzine, I left out the part about the lift queue and how tacky it was in the trees, but its still on the recommendation list, even if some of the doubles didn’t seem to make sense to anyone. Move it up the list if Europe has a super dry summer next year.

Stay tuned for Part 2 as the party moves to Chatel…

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