Damn… Part 2 of this Super Morzine double shredit and its a full on Bermageddon. The first trail, the Panoramic DH, is absolutely awesome. Not the steepest, not the most gnar, not the most intense, but as you will note – A fuckload of FUN. You could nail everything and do so in close flying formation, which always brings a smile to the full face.

Yes, it was awesome Berm after Berm, as you’ll see… Keep and eye out for Spanky’s epic save around the 1.45 mark, all that Yoga clearly paying off bro:

So thats a 3500m day of descending packed into two shredits… Its time to move on to the La Thuile footage, so stay tuned for some of that action. Or, get planning your trip to Super Morzine and Chatel! This may be useful if so:


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