Woah, Part 3 in the Dirty TP videos has arrived quicker than last nights curry, and with the same amount of fiery action as well. That’s right, Part 3 of the ENDURO Pornfest is rammed full of Gnar, adventure and famous people.

Two massive days crammed into one little video like an awkward DP, not easy to do when they both probably deserved their own shredits. After all, Day 5 was that insane 11 hour mission and Day 6 was the Dawn of the Dirty melt down and then the sweet redemption of ungracefully diving into the Med.

As such, I’ve found it hard to reign this one in, so buckle up and save yourself a mid arvo slot where you can’t be fucked doing anything else but watching my head bobble about as I get beaten to fuck by the Maritime Alps:

A number of stages missing here, but I did manage to capture the longest stage of the week, the best stage result of the week and also Stage 22, where I came massively unglued on all fronts. After 2 hours going up the hottest climb in all of Europe, it was always going to be a bit of a mission on that loose as fuck set-up that 22 had waiting for us. And yes, the final song is a cliche, but fuck me if it isn’t appropriate in this context!

A slight cheat in here also, I didn’t run the Go PRO down ‘Ze Holy Trail’, the scene of a double over the bars reaming on Day 6, but threw in some footage shot two weeks prior to give a taste of how it looked. Which brings me to wassssup next coming out of the Dirty Video production lab.

Yup, we’ve clearly wanked on enough about Trans Provence at this point, so its going to be a huge throw back to take in some of the earlier work in Sospel, Finale, Big Alpine day and the Roubion massacre. Stay tuned for all that feral action in due course…

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