At last, I am back to squeeze out a post or two… More on this later, but adjusting from life on the road and dirt to the captivity of Corporate zombieland takes more than a bit of transitioning… I shall elaborate in the future on one of our helpful public service posts, but in the mean time, its long overdue that we got back to some motherfucking shredding!

La Thuile was awesome… Not just because of the crew, not just because it was Italy, not just because of the pizza, not just because of the scenery… Those things all helped, but of course it was the trails and riding that really cemented this as an epic day.

Like I did with the massive post on La Thuile, I massively blew my load on the Go PRO front, taking a ridiculously bizarre 43 minutes of footage and thus going against my own rules (which are soon to be published). So, I am now splitting La Thuile shred its into two or three parts, its the only way I can do its radness justice. Here we go kicking things off with a little entree:

I have tried to keep it snappy and relatively short, but FUUUUCK, check out that scenery! Not to mention the change from the top chair back to the base… Yes, that’s all one run, edited rather short, but should give a nice flava on the dirt palette to get you wet (appetite included). And yes, it was a DH bike gang bang for those of you astute enough to notice…

For the Enduro whores among you, yes, the middle part was an EWS stage, so get up on it and when you’ve finished watching hit the net to buy some enduro specific gloves or socks.

Lots more to come from La Thuile, so watch this space!


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