I’m dry… I’m a dry hole… A dry hump… an empty sac. Yip, there is literally nothing to blog about at the moment. I’m not informed enough to talk about the upcoming PRO Classics races, that’s best left to PRO sites like Inner Ring etc. Yes, for the first time in a long time there is not much going down. So here is a post about nothing. WTF.

For a site about riding and mostly traveling with your bike it has been a little bit quiet since returning from qTown and the epic South Island mission. There are some adventures in the pipeline, but still a little way off. So, I am presented with two options at the moment after 9 months of adventure and living Hobo styles:

  1. Continue the wholesale destruction of wealth with a new wave of trips and adventures roaming the planet riding (desirable)
  2. Get a beard trim and get a real job

Option 1 screams the crowd! Yes, I would like tick the first box and keep rolling, but it’s time unfortunately to invest some time in option 2. This option only pleases those that secretly want to see me returned to suffer in a small cubicle or office, forced into presenting PowerPoint slides to people who have the attention span of rats with ADHD and little to no ability to make rational decisions. Appealing.

Oddly, this is the first time I have ever had to look for a job… Turns out that it’s actually similar to passing a bowel motion that contains a 53 tooth chain ring in it. Clearly my networking skills need as much work as my jumping skills.

Astute followers will have also noted that being currently stationed in the Global Dirty Hub HQ results in less material generated, aside from the insane volume of road riding going down. BUT, bear with it folks, there is something big happening early April that will possess so much radness that’s its going to make up for the current quiet period. It may or may not have something to do with the current Dirty Demo build that is underway… Massive teaser right there.

About the only other thing going down is Team Sky riders, where clearly at the moment everything isn’t awesome or cool when you’re part of a team:


Yes keep smiling everyone… Nothing to see here…

Must be something in the water? “Get well” soon team. I am relying on you this year to give credibility to my Stages power crank, so don’t get caught with your hook in the cookie/gear jar please. (yes, this was just a cheap excuse to use this photo which I have had saved up for a while, thanks Sergio)

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