Before we had #bracelyfe there was one of the coolest days out on the bike all year: The tour of Welly hotspots by the WISE guys. The boys pulled together a hard hitting crew to take me around all the raddest trails in town, which you’d absolutely use to prepare for an EWS round, not to mention have a shitload of fun on.

If, like me, you’re now a hater on the jerky, vomit inducing Go PRO Chest mount footage, the good news is I won’t be rocking that set up again, as I mentioned the other day. Yup, cancel the Gimbal christmas present request Bad Santa!

I also broke several of my own editing rules here, but I initially thought “I’ll only include the interesting bits“, as it turns out, the problem was that pretty much everything we did that day was fucking rad. It seems that ‘Barely Legal’ is something more exciting than just a website that will get you fired from work.

Whilst admittedly its not my best shrediting work, check out how seriously cool these trails are, rammed with variety, features and technical action, and that’s before we get to the gratuitous amounts of slo-mo Rodfather action:

Watching this video you may conclude, as I did, that perhaps the writing was on the wall for a massive over the bars stack at some stage. A case study then in the importance of improving your weaknesses (drops/hucks) instead of continuing to run the risk of doing them badly. Yes, that also applies to drunken sexting when you aren’t good at managing your WhatsApp groups.

Thanks again to the WISE guys for being massively on point and taking me on this tour of a place I embarrassingly call ‘home’, once again proving that there is a massive difference between going for a ride somewhere and local knowledge.

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