For those of you that thought you were in for some Latino action, my apologies… Slightly less thrilling, but mildly entertaining, here are a few videos from the Spain mission (Tip – If any of the vids won’t play below thanks to WordPress and Vimeo refusing to make sweet media love, then click on the Vimeo icon if you are desperate to watch):

1. Riding the Angliru

Yes, condensing down 1 hour and 9 mins of climbing into a 6 min video that was interesting is no easy task, but hopefully this edit gives some indication into how hard it is… Unusually for a road video, this one will give you motion sickness on account of me having to zig zag due to the epic gradients.

2. Vuelta stage 21 – Madrid

If you’re still fever for more after watching me slowly grind up the hardest climb in the world then you’re either fucking bored at work or just really like cycling. Either way, enjoy watching the PRO peloton wind it right up at the end for the final sprint, probably the best part of this vid. I went sans soundtrack so that its possible to soak up the sounds of Madrid and the fans.

3. Day one ride in Spain

Yes, the famous day where I was on unstoppable fire and my feats up the final climb to finish in Formigal have become legendary within the Asturias mafia. Perhaps a day that I will never be able to repeat. This last 60km’s of stage 16 was an incredible day of riding for the views, roads and my first Vuelta stage.

More to come when I can find the time to edit and upload…

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