I’d like to say that, according to my plan (yes, I did actually have one), I’m smack bang in the middle of an intense training block right now in preparation for what lies ahead in 2017. Alas, I cannot make such bold claims, as I’m currently health cunted and into the 10th day of no riding thanks to any number of cHub afflictions that have enjoyed having me as a host.

However, whilst riding in January so far has been a Spicer sized disaster, at least I’ve been able to chip away at the motherFUCKER of all shredits: Froth & Loaming in Rots Vegas.

Truth is, I broke every rule when making this video – Its too long, there’s too much one POV point footage and overall not a lot of variety. But, somewhere during editing I simply ran out of fucks. Not in a lazy cunt kind of way, its more that I actually just wanted this to be an endless homage to two awesome days of doing the best thing you can do on two wheels.

I had long sought after and even fantasised about days in Rots this good, so when they finally arrived and I was mid life crisis balls deep on savouring them, I wanted to capture as much as I could. So, buckle up and indulge your eyes on what it feels like to relentless pursue the Rodfather like you’re a rabid dog with a penchant for humping Royal covered legs:

Music of course is reflective of the Old Skool soldiers, some 90’s Fuck Yeah action to take the Rodfather back to his Bicycles Unlimited days and a time when he was blazing the fuck out of the Wellington DH series at Dry Creek and/or Mt Climie.

For those that like to compare camera’s – Day 1 footage from the SwissMissile was shot on a Go PRO Hero 4, on account of my Session 5 melting down faster than a lying press secretary. Day 2 was shot on the Session 5 following the full firmware reinstall.

I’m not even too concerned if viewership of this one is low, every time I watch it I’m pleasantly transported back to radder times and it serves as a reminder that more of this is needed. Right now as I head scratch on why January is turning into a raving cunt, (well, it does appear to be a theme I guess) that’s a welcome escape.

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