Gaaaaaaaaaaaaa… This post was supposed to be about my first ride for 2014 in the Eskdale MTB park just out of Napier, but oddly something happened to me on the first day in 2014 that happens extremely infrequently… I am sick.

Yip… Look at all the trips, travel and riding and you’ll note that there has been NO sickness or down time really, so it feels a bit of a rip off to come to NZ for the summer tour and have to lose a perfectly good summer’s day with my ear and throat conspiring to heap suffering on me. Of course being a drama bear/hypercondriac, my first suspicious was I had Ebola, but it turns out its just really a sore ear. So, as it was supposed to be an MTB ride, in its place is an MF Montage from Craters of the Moon. I have kept it short and snappy, note the contrasts:

I am now working on getting sorted to hit the next target on the DN Summer Tour list – Rotorua!

Meanwhile, at a mad laboratory somewhere in Western Strayla, Herr Doktor and his home wrenching balls of steel with human tissue on the outside have been up to something I would never ever attempt, fork internal upgrade time:


stripped nude for the Dok treatment… Don’t worry, you’re not his first time

Word on the street is that the upgraded Talas internals are epic, I can’t wait to have mine installed as part of the summer upgrade programme. If you’re not into bikes then this sentence has been totally meaningless to you.

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