Today has all been about lying around and doing nothing… Aside from drinking coffee. Some would get out for a spin and keep the legs ticking over, but I have declined such an approach today.

My rationale? Well, I have pretty much snookered/fucked myself and over the next 10 days it turns out I have to race 879km’s, with only 3 days off (1 of those will be on a plane) and across 2 timezones. Given I already feel a bit worn out, it therefore suggests doing as little as possible when I can is a good idea…

Heading to the ‘massive nerd file‘ for just a moment, this morning the scales informed me I have reached a magical 73.5kg weight, a rarity for me and about as low as it can go given my penchant for marshmallows and tea cakes with lemon icing. Not a great weight if you want to get into arm wrestling, appear hot to girls or go to Whistler, but should come in handy over the next few weeks (to put it in perspective, several of my team mates weigh in well below 70kg, so its not as flash as it sounds).

5 Passes kicks off tomorrow night believe it or not, with a 13.4km Prologue Time Trial around the Ruapuna Raceway, 4 laps in total… Perhaps training on the F1 circuit on Abu Dhabi wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Here’s what it looks like:


Hopefully I don’t look like that when setting off…

I have also worked out that at 13.4km’s long, this TT will be the longest I have ever raced, given Thailand and Bintan are both about half this distance, so it will be an interesting start for sure!

Today I decided to steal Multigirl’s mommy wagon bike and sift to the local cafe:


Check the style – Usually reserved for the school run, today its the DN coffee sled. Nice

And check out the creamy sweetness of the L’affare Cappuccino… Perhaps one of the reasons why I will never be below 70kg’s:


Coffee that may as well have been photoshopped

Indeed, NZ is a country that knows how to cafe it up, awesome. We have now also moved to Race HQ in preparation for kick off tomorrow – Here is the team dinner this evening, the new Rivet Racing T Shirts going down a treat:


Skinny Mofos – Getting ready to roll…

Thanks to Multigirl and the gang for hosting me over the last few nights, excellent hospitality.

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  1. Diana

    Good luck, I hope the wind and rain and snow don’t slow you down too much, and that being a ‘lightweight’ you don’t get blown away!


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