As I am in-between riding locations, and not to mention still sick as a mofo, I am using the end of 2013 as a cheap excuse to smash some stats out there and fill the ride reporting void. I know we have people out there that love numbers, so indulge yourself here mofo’s:

1. Flying

Well, there were a lot of flights and I have worked out I flew around 182,718km’s in 2013… Which if I am right is only half way to the moon. Of course, this included the following:

  • France
  • Canada
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • NZ x 3
  • Spain
  • Abu Dhabi x 2
  • Perth

Thank fuck that Changi is a good airport… The best in fact… It significantly reduced the ball ache factor when navigating through the HUB.

2. Riding

Well, I fell 92km’s short of beating 2012’s overall KM count in 2013, but I did have a lot more rest in 13 than the prior year, so its not all bad and I did spend more time on the bike, which is gold. But the biggest difference is in elevation gain… A LOT more climbing in 2013 than 12! Here are the ride numbers, with 2012 in brackets:

  • 12,502km’s ridden (12,594)
  • 481 hours (434 hours)
  • 140,565m climbed (83,600)
  • 226 rides (212)

I will have my work cut out for me to hit 12,000+ for a third consecutive year in 2014, but I look forward to overtraining my balls off to try.

3. Viewing

So far on DN we have had 9,102 views since commencement in July 2013. Yip, we’re clearly not Pinkbike, or Cyclingnews or Camel clips, but I suspect we have the coolest MF readership…

What’s quite funny is some of the favourite tales that have been told along the way, here is the top 20, worth noting that once a post is linked to Facebook, it goes gangbusters. Most posts are simply viewed through the Home page clearly:


Worth noting the “Girls gone wild – West coast edition” picked up a lot of hits from people google searching ‘dirty bitches on bikes’ or ‘dirty girls who ride hard‘, yes, I get reporting on that too. Probably not what Multigirl aspired to, but kudos for picking up such illustrious search criteria, DN salutes you! Where does all this traffic come from? Well, some of our favourite DN hot spots of course:


We are SO global….

Worth noting that we also have hits from a whole bunch of countries where the CIA operate either killer drone programmes or black sites, so good to know that we appeal to Jason Bourne and co.

Right, I am off to ram myself with every possible potion I can get my mitts on so I can beat this sickness and get back to the riding FFS! The only good news is that the Dirtymobile has been upgraded from the Killer Bus that thought it was a sail to the Ron Burgundy Prado… Oh yeah:

Make way retard wagon, its SUV time

Make way retard wagon, its SUV time

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