Well, well, WELL… We got off to a roaring start with our DN Guest post campaign, but post the weekend its hit the wall and the global community has retreated to work/family/porn/running clandestine operations duties and nothing new has come through. Tisk tisk, get back out there people… Its just like riding a bike.

Meanwhile, here in the UAE I have been confirming that I have the attention span of a monkey with ADD and nits, which is less than useful. Not helped of course with social media beaming images like this into my brain like cycling heroin (watch as I now steal material from all over the internet in the laziest post in history):


Yes… YES… YES!!! Fuck yes. NZ Mountain biking in summer.

Yip… that would be Nelson… Makes me want to ride my Nomad ASAP in NZ. If that was the set up, then this little video from Rots is the take down:

Hmmmm… Yes, why you wouldn’t want to be a cyclist after taking in the above is beyond me completely. But, for something totally different, check out this artistic number here:

I can’t quite work out if this video is cool or not? Certainly a lot of the commentary resonates, I endorse the prolific use of Rapha kit, but I would pass on the camping and woodcutting… Freaky. Still, these guys have the right idea:

Get your mates, go somewhere awesome, ride, dish high 5’s

Simple… Get to it everyone.

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  1. Spy

    The well is drying up probably because we’re all effing working, possibly towards the dream of a DN lifestyle!


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