First up today, a massive dirty GOOD LUCK to the IronHawk for this weekend in the Ironman Japan race… its going to be epic (with 1900m of climbing in the bike course there will be a lot of Tri nerds saying “WTF” and smashing message boards with how hard it is… Welcome to the party pals. Extra burn if you’re running a FULL disk), but, I have seen his samurai sword sharp form first hand and suffered from its awesomeness, so I expect him to smoke it this weekend (as much as that is possible in an Ironman event!). With cake eating form like this, its hard to not see a 10 hour time coming on:

Seriously looks like he's been on a hunger strike...

“Seriously, I haven’t touched this shit until you arrived in town…”

Also up for a good luck shout out – Best of luck to the A Cat and Snow Leopard as they take on the Bintan Half Ironman this weekend, guaranteed to be a sufferfest as per usual in the Indo oven. Fuck, so far in this post its been all Tri weirdness and no cycling. Commence rectifying:

In my last post I suggested that cycling was the best thing there is (generally speaking)… To reinforce my point, here are a couple of very contrasting videos from the last week, in fact, both shot on Wednesdays a week apart.

As you’ll note, they are both very different, but they do share the common element of having a lot of fun. First up, a cut of the record setting Welly Wednesday Worlds ride last week:

Apologies for the degrading quality towards the end, the Go Poo was suffering its fogging dilemmas and I have been too slack to take up Sheps advice on fixing it. (Suggestion – If the Video won’t play embedded above, click on the ‘Vimeo’ on the bottom right to watch on their site)

So, from the coastal roads of Wellington to the safest jungle in all of SEA, here is a lap of the Bukit Timah MTB trail, which is undergoing major redevelopment. This taken from the porn style head mount whilst piloting the fabulous Scalpel 29er:

Problem with this video? I worked out after editing cut #3 that nothing I could do would make it that interesting… I will be impressed if anyone watches it end to end to be honest and its really designed for people who used to ride in BT and haven’t seen the new trail build, such as these gentlemen, this one’s for you Dok:


Big Ted and Little Ted

So, Thursday morning’s ride was deathly boring and the only event was being rammed (literally) by traffic and dodging rain… With the weekend upon us its therefore time to get off the island and seek inspiration elsewhere. Stay tuned for a mini mission briefing!

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  1. Shep

    Awesome videos James. That BT trail is almost unrecognizable. Massive improvement since I last rode it. That welly loop looks good. Never ridden around there before.

    • dirtynomad

      Thanks bro… BT has totally changed and more work going on. The Welly loop is the classic round the bays, I happened to get a good day for it, its tough in a Southerly!

  2. Matt Le Cornu

    How good is that Wellington ride? Passed by about 20 cars in 50 minutes. I get passed by that many before I get out of my street. Gotta get out of Asia.

    • dirtynomad

      Couldn’t agree more on all counts Matt… Its a great ride and a massive contrast to climbing Genting Highlands today…


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