Yesterday I was getting ready to very early on call this trip a blow out… But, with a few weeks to go that seemed very pessimistic to the point of verging on childish.

Well, today this spluttering and maligned adventure had a massive dose of cunt sauce drizzled all over it that has left me wondering if its cursed! Or, it may be a lesson in the importance of having a plan or, not deviating from the one you have.

The baseline approach today to get the riding back on track was to head to the sunny H Bay, health still a mild question mark, but I felt confident it was time to bank the first ride of 2014 at fucking last!! The forecast for Rots was a bit dodge, but H Bay was looking good. But, when I arrived in Rots, THE home of great riding, it didn’t look too bad conditions wise, which left me with a choice around which Forest to aim for:

  1. Push on to the Bay and ride Eskdale park
  2. Camp out in Rots, hit the Whaka forest and then get my forks sorted tomorrow morning

Given the chance for 2 rides in Rots and getting my forks sorted tomorrow provided a double win, I locked in a major plan deviation and got ready to hit the first shredding session of 14.

To elaborate a little, its worth noting that my last fuck knows how many rides in Rots have been in the rain… The mega pissing rain, so I was very keen to ensure that this time I got a dry ride in the premier zone. Lets recall last time I was here for the Nomad Debut… Soak me:


“I just really love what the water does to all the gear, its awesome”

As such, you can imagine my absolute disgust and no shortage of horror that after securing accom in Rots for the night, when I arrived at the carpark and in a scene reminiscent from the movie ‘The Truman show’, it started to absolutely piss down massively, as though someone turned on the tap on cue:



I sat in the car drinking the biggest bottle of Haterade that I could find… Was this for real?! I know what you’re thinking; “Harden up and ride”, but fuck that, I am over riding here in the wet and with the health still recovering heading out in the shit had ‘melt down’ tattooed on its face.

So, another day down the drain… 5 days gone, no riding… This is basically unheard of on a DN trip, so I am scratching my head as to what has to happen to start getting some momentum rolling to get this Mofo back on track! I shall soon start taking votes if this trip can rise like a glorious phoenix crossed with an angel, or if its destined to sink into the bowels of a Sarlacc pit like a screaming disaster:


“Wait, that’s really just a massively angry vagina isn’t it Jabba?!”

I could always reformat the DN into a movie review site, as I hit my third movie in a row today, seeing ‘The Secret life of Walter Mitty’… Ah… Well, its ok, some good scenery, but predictable. Only go and see it if its the last movie you haven’t seen at the theatre, like it was for me. Yay.

I will actually PAY money to ride tomorrow, so fingers crossed or I could lose my mind.

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