Something unusual today… Especially given recent health and the fact that this is pretty much a holiday (massive oxymoron for someone who doesn’t have full time employment): A training ride. And not just any training ride, a TT fuelled Strava KOM hunting expedition. Yip, if the Dok was here he would beat me the fuck up.

Its not often that I go out specifically to try and dominate Strava KOM’s… There was a time when I used to, but not in the last year or 18 months. You get to a phase where either you can’t be bothered, you’re out of form or the good KOM’s in your area have been put out of reach by a welsh person/PRO/some gimp drafting behind a truck.

But, with a TT coming up this weekend in the Tour I will be racing (more on that in due course…), it was time to get reacquainted with the TT set up and pain. Fuelling my fever was the fact that someone had the gall to create a segment in my own backyard in Te Horo with the description ‘Te Horo TT’, FUCK, its SO on fools.

Don’t worry – If you haven’t stopped reading already in disgust (all my MTB friends have), I am not going to bore you with the minutiae of TT training, let us cut to the chase with the outcome, like one of those cooking shows where no one really cares how the cake got made, we just want to destroy it:


Like a robbers DOG

5 KOM’s… Sure, I stole some off some elderly gentlemen who are at this very moment down at the Waikanae Lions club HQ plotting a group ride for this weekend to extract revenge using 10 of them, but that aside its not often I go out and come home with so much electronic trophy loot in my back pocket. If you’re Mr Wilkins you clean up KOM’s by accident commuting to work or on a recovery ride, but for the rest of us this counts as a pretty good days work from a Strava FEVER perspective.

What happened on the 9km one where I was 3rd I hear you think? Well, fuck it all right up, thats the one that I actually wanted the most. I was on target to nail it as well, when after narrowly avoiding being blown off my bike (no, Kate Upton not involved), by epic cross winds, my pump decided it wanted to bail the fuck out of my back pocket to avoid death. If I was an ultra nerd I would have rocked on and left the mofo, but I looped back to scoop it up – Hopes dashed.

Don’t worry, in-between bleeding from my ears I managed to take some good photos, well, two really:


Wetness – Don’t tell anyone the Evo was blown over on to the road moments after this photo was taken… cunt.

And perhaps my favourite riding view around these parts, the Totara tunnel… So awesome that it was once used in a TV commercial… Er… For a Nissan Maxima, bad cred:


A TT Nerds dream set up

Well, my TTing hasn’t improved much to be honest, so the weekend should be a real giggle. I have also now relocated to Wellington, so am getting busy spreading my shit all over Ango’s house like the littlest Hobo, but with heaps more gear and a bunch of chocolate for his kids so they lose their minds – Best house guest ever.

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  1. Greg Milne

    Don’t know you but I stumbled upon your blog a couple of weeks ago and am really enjoying it. Just wanted to say love your work. I hope to see that magnificent looking black evo of yours cruising around Wellington sometime.

    • dirtynomad

      Hey Greg, welcome to the DN dude, glad you like it and appreciate your readership! The stealth Evo is at home on this trip, it’s team Evo time instead! Chur


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