So, this has been coming for a while. To be honest, when this project started out there was no way that I thought it was going to end up the way it has come out. As someone who is supposed to earn a few pingas from the project management world, I essentially violated pretty much all the normal rules that we project nazi fuckers hold so dear.

Whilst there was scope changes, new vendors introduced, complicated supply lines and shifting delivery dates, the end vision and goal was clear – And that’s the most important thing. Also helps being your own sponsor, I got to berate myself (nothing new there) along the way as I went down rabbit holes, behaved like a magpie and chased my tail over decisions. But in the end, its turned out even better than I could have expected. And on that notion, I introduce to you the newest member of the Dirty Squadron, the Dirty Demo:


Low on practicality… High on epic shredibility…

There it is… 200mm front and rear of Specialized’s finest DH weapon. Carbon main frame, big fuck off Marzocchi 888 fork and stealth black love. If it’s good enough for Aaron Gwin, I am sure I will cope (let’s ignore his results since he switched across…). This is THE ubiquitous park bike and DH weapon.

The original plan was to do this at total knock down budget, given its a bike I would only ride a few times a year. BUT, as it often is with these things, I am glad that I held out and nailed some quality. Thanks to the help of our Dirty Global partners, its come together extremely reasonably and is as hot as Scar Jo in a sauna reading a DN Post. The Mavic DeeMax wheels and Ohlins shock particular highlights. Staying true to my roots, its Shimano Zee & Saint everywhere else:


The sensible, but still seductively sexy build option

I’m yet to ride this thing properly, but fuuuuuck, let me tell you there isn’t even a hint or whiff of stiction when you lean on this weapon. Those Swede’s clearly know their shit massively when it comes to making suspension and I can’t wait to bring you one of my super shit test reviews, where I will outline how “good” it feels. Awesome. I’m also quite excited about watching the Dok munch his hand off when he feels the swedish sweetness compressing (nothing to do with backpackers, honest):


Proceed directly to the nearest bike park/gondola/chairlift/some cunts ute

Don’t just take my word for why this is a good option when it comes to DH bikes. If you are REALLY into bikes, then check out this little vid here where some gentlemen that are far more well informed than I basically wet themselves over how good the Demo is (ignore the fuck out of the part where they say you don’t need the carbon version…):

Ah… See, guys who shred in flannel shirts can’t possibly be wrong, so this is looking good. So, now the obvious question:

Where the fuck are you going to ride this thing?

Well, not in the tropics clearly… It was bad enough sweating through my T Shirt at this impromptu Dirty Photo Shoot straight after pick up (getting the wheels off is actually harder than a Rubik’s cube). But watch this space, the answer to the above question is coming this Friday:


The last 26 inch wheeled bike I will ever own?

And now, drum roll please… For this project to work out the way it has, there are many special dirty thank yous to be handed out for either the hook up, complicated logistical nightmares or the build itself:

  • Ango, Panther, oTown crew and Ice Station Zebra – for being part of a global logistics chain that would make Ze Germans at DHL shit themselves if they knew what competition they had in you lot!
  • Snozza and Trailmix Bikes Melbourne – Awesome deal, awesome speed of delivery and Jedi like powers of persuasion to get me back on the Big S after an 18 year break!
  • T3 in Bukit Timah – for the awesome and patient build work as I fucked around deciding what I was doing… And for building a bike so beautifully when its not their standard variety of work. And of course, for the excellent deal on the build kit. Need anything, head down to see the boys for epic service and razor sharp prices.

BUT… Given its April fools, you can understand that the Demo collection was slightly overshadowed by those Geniuses at Santa Cruz unleashing the latest version of the Nomad Carbon! Gaaaaaaa… And, spreading faster than a weaponised strain of the Ebola Virus, the insidious 27.5 inch wheel has now found its way on to our namesake. Its irrational, but I want one immediately, especially as the fuckers have invaded my brain and worked out I can’t say no to the stealth black. #holyfuckhowinsanedoesitlook:


You don’t need me… But fuck you want me… And you want to make me DIRTY!

And so that’s the rub of the cycle industry… and our irrational consumer melt downs that have been developed over the last 20 years. The day I pick up my new bike, they hit me square in the face with a baseball bat covered in images of my next new bike… Gaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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    What is with the length of that seat post? Are you compensating for something?

    On 2 April 2014 02:14, Dirty Nomad – Roaming, Riding and excess baggage


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