Well… Here it is… The MF video montage that sums up the ENTIRE Dirty Nomad Summer Tour. To help keep it a little crisp, there is no video clip here longer than 10 seconds. If I was really fancy I probably would have done 5 seconds, but this seemed like a good blend. There is also some previously unseen footage in here to keep things fresh.

In keeping with contemporary trends also, its an award winning soundtrack courtesy of Lorde… While this is a longer than usual dirty videos, its worth it for what on reflection was a fucking rad summer:

Yes… I have been slowly chipping away at this since the start of the tour and you can now officially feel free to accuse me of being unable to let go of the summer loving feeling… But, I can assure you this is officially the last video of the series.

Make sure you watch right to the end…

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  1. Diana

    Great montage, there used to be an ad on tv that said…”:don’t leave home til you’ve seen the country!” Well, I’ve seen far more of the country courtesy of the DN videos than I think I could ever see as a non-riding sexagenarian! (not as exciting as it sounds…not even exciting!) It’s thrilling to follow the bike though, and we’ve seen some amazing sights! (Italy, Spain, Canada, SI…to name a few) Thanks for the rides James.


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