Its DRRU time… Yip, a collection of bits and pieces that I have cobbled together in an attempt to present a semi interesting post from the HQ of #nothingfuckinghappeninghere.

First up today – Auckland gets a new MTB park! And not just any park, a gravity park! Yes, its uplift assisted only, no climbing trails and you need to book on line. Opens this weekend, SO, if you are flying into NZ and want something to do on the way to Rotorua, then this looks like the GO to get the ball rolling (great little vid too):

What’s inspiring about this set up is that its been done privately and appears to have had a lot of passion, time and money put into it. I wish the 440 MTB Park massive success, get along and have a rip if you’re up that way. When I grow up I want to open an MTB park, so this is good inspiration.

Next up – We have another entry into the ‘weirdest place you can get your photo taken in your DN T Shirt’ comp. Well, this entry isn’t weird as such, but it does involve the biggest motherfucking fish ever seen on this website, hauled in by none other than the MF Lizard himself:


Did someone order Sashimi?

I can categorically confirm that’s the first, and biggest, fish ever caught by a DN T Shirt. If it’s outdoors, the Lizard can catch it and gut it. Or more appropriately:

If it bleeds

Deano has a new ride – When a man decides its time for new kit, then its time for new fucking KIT baby. What makes this process all the more fun is when its a dude who knows what he wants and doesn’t waste time pulling the trigger. And, I was more than happy to head out to T3 to assist Deano when he wanted to utilise the DN personal bike shopping service (spousal explanation service is an additional charge). The end result, business time:


Wind cheating and dressed up in my favourite black and red livery

The new Dura Ace is looking sweet and whilst I am a die hard Campy mafioso hit man, I can still nod my head at the new DA. Mavic wheels and a carbon 3T fit out with the de rigueur Fizik saddle and Deano is good to go. Enjoy bro!

Can we squeeze in a random video? Yes we can… In doing a clean up I realised there was some lost footage from Spain, day 2 to be exact. If you’re having a shit day at work (93.7% chance that’s the case), then wander off into some Spanish countryside for 4 minutes (which is possibly about 56 seconds beyond your attention span limit) and let the sweet sounds of the Broods wash over you:

Ahhhh… A reminder gang: Spain is the best place to go for amateur cyclists assuming you have done France, so start thinking about your mid year holiday riding plans…

Less of a holiday, following on from my story yesterday, this is what it looks like on Crazies if you don’t get fucked by traffic and manage to make it through Kranji with what remains of the lead group. We shall try again this Sunday:


“Ha ha, did you see that dumb cunt get stuck behind the tractor!”

And finally today… A Dirty community announcement, if your dating life sucks, then follow this simple diagram. Highly likely this advice is not for you girls:


Based on a True story

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