Lets face it – Since closing off the Finale Files, its been an epic doldrum period as I watch the clock run down on what’s been a totally fucking weird 2016.

In between drafting the traditional Dirty end of year posts, including the epic task of deciding a worthy COTY winner, I’ve managed to also stumble across some lost Shredit footage from earlier in the year. Its therefore time to unleash some throw back Dirty Video action to Bali! Way back to before La Thuile even, where (cue foolish mocking laughter), we attempted to use this as a ‘Training Camp’. Turned out that was about as useful as a mad orange cunt with a Twitter addiction.

In Part 1 its time to revisit the “Central Enduro Tour“, which as it turned out was more XC Banditry and Van ride than what most of us would refer to as ‘ENDURO’… I’ve even thrown in some of the Muppet show moments for full effect:

Yeah, it takes a special kind of cunt to go to a tropical paradise/traffic shithole and complain about riding your bike – But luckily I was up to the task. Ok, so some of the scenery was pretty cool and so far I am still testing negative to typhoid, so wasn’t a total write off.

When the #SwissMissile says “That wasn’t quite what I expected“, you basically know you’ve been fully cunted. I’m hoping that the music selection was suitably weird… Stay tuned for Part 2 from the Bali Bike Park.

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  1. Fred

    Dude if you want a better regional training ground nearby that looks closer to some bits of Europe, have a look at Chiangmai. Just came back from a 4 day trip. Uplift and scored anywhere from 3000m to 5000m of total vert loss per day 25-38km per day. Loam, loose rubble, gnar, roots, baby heads with 30-45 degree angles. Worth a few days. Lemme know if you need details.

    • Dirty Nomad

      Yo, Awesome intel dude, have been scoping a Chang Mai trip and want to hit it early in 2017, so yes please, would be awesome to get some details!!


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