When making a video about riding in Bali, this is perhaps the one and only stop I needed to make to be honest. Its Bali Bike Park Shredit time! What it lacked in size, length and elevation, it made up for with its dirt, flow and general good times.

Plus, on top of that, as I’m sure you’ll see in this shredit, a lot of effort, love and cheap labour has gone into carving out a sweet little park that one hopes will grow up and outwards in the years ahead. Plus, did I mention that sweet sweet fucking Dirt? Watch as the #SwissMissile does some quality soil sampling and thanks fuck its a nice soft landing every time:

That’s 2 days of BBP action rammed into 4.5 minutes, which is just a bit longer than one of the runs. As I said in the run down, you’ll want to maximise your days there given the ‘commute’ there and back, but for those with an ankle biting entourage, at least you can park them up on a beach to get sunburnt to fuck while you get your Dirty freak on.

Wedding crashing optional – And yes, what the fuck with the Groom’s Hitler Youth outfit? Some kinky role play right there homes.

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