So, here we go… Much like the last time I was in the South Island, I have saved up the video action for post trip and shall now commence drip feeding it out as gradually as my cunted internet connection will allow.

My initial plan was to do this chronologically, but like a fat kid that smashes chips and ice creams before dinner, I just couldn’t help myself and made the better videos first. A disclaimer however – To start with it may appear that I am using the boring old stock standard helmet cam approach and angle, but never fear, there was plenty of experiMENTAL angle happening on this trip, all designed to increase the sickness levels of the dirty edits.

First up, the awesomeness of the Coronet Peak shuttling day rolled into a sub 5 minute montage of DEMOlition:

As per usual, if WordPress and Vimeo hate your face, just hit the Vimeo link to watch in natively in HD. If you have no idea what I am talking about then ask your kids or the dog.

Enjoy the freak show goodness of Rude Rock, Skippers and Zoot…. Its impossible to get enough. Well, it does make your arms want to spaz off your body after a few hours, so technically is possible to get enough from a physical stand point.

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