First up today – Happy Birthday to Das Wolf! In recognition of his continued march through the mid thirties or so, he got to choose the music track (if you hate it, refer to Wolf) for today’s #R14QT Dirty Video: The Wynyard Wake up session:

Yes, following a morning on Coronet Peak, getting to the short, sharp and steep afternoon session on the Wynyard DH took some adjustment. And, as you will note, so did seeing how some of the semi-local shredders managed the terrain. Question of the day? “Have you guys hit the creek gap yet?” my initial answer of “Not today bro, got a road race coming up eh” didn’t seem to resonate…

And, to cap things off today – A Happy Dirty Easter everyone. If during the Easter Egg hunt the kids enquire as to where Easter Eggs come from, simply refer them to this Uncle Nomad educational diagram to resolve things:


“I’ll have the Chicken thanks”

And yes – I have waited a whole fucking year to use this… Allegedly no chickens or rabbits were harmed in the making of this educational diagram. Unable to confirm if the bunny still respected the chicken in the morning…

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