Right, so in round 2 of the video action from Leg 3 of DNST, here is the one most people want to see – Rude Rock run. I have steered away from doing full length tracks in favour of going with the motherfucking montages, which people seem to like, BUT, this is an exception, so enjoy me getting put to the sword my Mad Markus as he lets it rip. Yes, I was trying:

For those that like Montages, here is a summary of the whole day shuttling on the awesomeness of Coronet Peak, packed into 5 mins or so:

Usual disclaimer – I cannot be sued for motion sickness and if the video won’t play, then upgrade your shit old computer, or if you want to save cash, click on the ‘Vimeo’ link on the bottom right to watch it there etc etc

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