BOOM!! Its back ON! Yes, the Summer Tour is not over yet, Leg 3 is here… We’re keeping the dream alive with one more trip and an all Mountain Biking mission to?

South Island – NZ

Er… New Zealand… Yes, “WTF” you mumble, I was just there… I know, but due to complicated logistics and shizen planning on my behalf, we are back there pretty soon after leaving it. But, to a whole other island. AND, more importantly to a place I have never been, but always wanted to go:


Queenstown – Like a mini Whistler down south

Yes, slap me across the face with a small brown kiwi and revoke my NZ passport, I know, how could I have lived in NZ all those years and never have been to Queenstown for fucks sake?! It is a crime against common sense and good taste, but in my defence, I was booked for a bike MTB trip down there that had to be cancelled 4.5 years ago to move to Singapore!

As you can imagine, I am foaming at the mouth like a rabid honey badger to get down there on the Nomad and hit the trails. One of the sweetest parts? One word – Gondola. I will let the video explain (best watched in HD):

Mmmmmm… LOOKS good yes. I am also very focused on riding a trail that has been on my list for some time, Rude Rock. If you’ve seen the MTB movie ‘Not Bad’, you will know what I am talking about, if not then stay tuned as I will be bringing video action in due course. As you may recall, the last trip was a bit bumpy in places, so taking the learning from leg two, here are some improvements for this next mission:

  • No rental cars
  • Only one bike
  • Fit and healthy
  • Its been properly planned out and I have local DN affiliates on the ground ready to roll. Yes, we have Multigirl and Markus from CHCH HQ leading the charge on the South Island MTB tour guide action. You may remember Multigirl from such DN Guest Reports as “Girls gone wild on the West Coast”, here she is giggling like a teenager at poorly worded DOC signs:

He he he…

Since that last adventure, Multigirl has upgraded her weaponry in anticipation of the DN South Island MTB tour, getting a full Carbon diet going with this new Pivot 6 point something or other (against DN advice to get a Santa Cruz Bronson… sulk):


Ready to roll for the Dirty Tour

The aim is to hit as many MTB hot spots as possible in a relatively short space of time… I’m there for a good time and not a long time, so it will be about maximisation. Naseby, Queenstown, Wanaka and Craigieburn are all on the target list, so massive fingers crossed the weather plays ball as we unleash a mini shredpocalypse on the trail bikes!

Stay tuned for the Dirty South Island MTB adventure updates!

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