The thing about cycling trips is that there can be a LOT of travelling before there is any actual riding… Traveling to Trans Provence was a good example of this, something mind numbing like 28 hours or more from door to door. The only entertainment in the end was sticking my finger in Wolf’s mouth when he passed out in the van on the final leg.

The start of the South Island tour has been a similar trek, aided by my logistical weirdness of having to leave a bike at a secured DN Black site in NZ. Soooo… its been a mission so far:

  • Singapore to Brissy – Sorry I didn’t stop in Diesel and Snowy, it was a 1.5 hour layover. It was also a reminder: Qantas = Rubbish. I didn’t really consider flying SQ as being palatial, but I do now!
  • Brissy to Auckland
  • Overnight at the Black Ops site an hour north of Auckland to pick up the Nomad Carbon (thanks mum for looking after it so well and for the biscuits)
  • Auckland to Christchurch
  • To come – A 5 hour drive from CHCH to Naseby. Naseby? Where the fuck is that I hear you ask quizzically. Well, best description is ‘middle of fucking nowhere’, but here it is on a map (actually, its so mini that even Google maps doesn’t name it, look for the ‘A’):

The A stands for Armageddon, as in the best place to hide out in the event of

Yes, its pretty isolated out there, which translates into GOOD riding, not to mention a big step closer to the prize of the trip: Queenstown.

The stop off in Auckland was a good chance to catch up with the Panther, where I got an update on his secret bike project… More pics to come, but its looking pure evil at this stage! Its also been excellent to be reunited with this work of art:


Build, then shred

So now just a long drive crammed into the M&M mobile to our first riding destination… Fingers crossed for some sort of 3G or wifi from the middle of fucking nowhere, otherwise updates may be problematic!

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