Dropping two posts in one day like its hot… Yes, in a bid to stay current, but also because its some lazy reporting going down. First of all, this edit from the 6 hour Super D Race  has been dropped in today, worth a quick perv. I managed to make an appearance twice, covering the two most boring parts of the entire course, being the pits @ 34 seconds and then the midpoint flat area around 2.50… After all my ranting about how rad the course was, the irony is not lost here (best watched in HD):

Best way to recover from 6 hours and 6,700m of shredding? Head to Arrowtown and refuel at the Chop Shop cafe, awesome food & coffee and then go for a ride of course. In theory today was a ‘no ride’ day, but fucked if I was able to enforce that with the weather that was going on:


Too legit to quit… Or stay at home and miss out on

The Jacks point ride may be the tamest action around, but it does make for a perfect spin set up after a big day. Speaking of set up, no it didn’t take 14 minutes to get the bike to stand up like this for the overly choreographed photo shoot… All completely natural…


So awesome… Scenery is not bad as well

Its possible I faffed around too much that I turned a simple 1 hour XC ride into a 2 hour outdoor version of Zoolander, but it was hard to not overdo it with a scene like this…


The newest employees of Tourism NZ

Given how many words and raving went into this morning’s post, nothing more to say today, besides, what can one possibly add to vistas like that? Off to work out how I can move here ASAP.

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