Ok… So here we go! Launching into the final stanza of the DM2 video action. Have I drawn this out enough? Its now been well over a month since the end of the radness and I’m still whipping out the shredits like I think I’m drunk at an office party…

We’re now fully into the meat course of the DM2 Shredits – Rotorua EWS. Yes, for those that sat bleary eyed through all the previous vids managing your motion sickness, we have now arrived at the clippage that people probably wanted to see the most.

To preface this with the usual disclaimers etc etc, I didn’t wear the Go PRO during the race, as I was already carting enough shit around and didn’t want the hassle of an additional thing to think about. So, all the footage in this 3 part mini series is from practice. This is a critical disclosure, mainly as if I didn’t call this out I would look like a total cunt for riding some of this so badly/slowly.

With this in mind, I have reordered the stages into numerical order and not the order they were practiced in, so even though it wasn’t race footage, it makes a bit more sense to watch. Some may recall that practice for stage 1 was the day before stage 2… Stage 2 being a bit isolated, hence one tentative run only. Same for stage 1, which as you’ll see, didn’t exactly make itself inviting to have a second crack.

As a warning, Go PRO combined with low light in the forest and then rammed into Vimeo hasn’t led to the best outcome quality wise, so my apologies if you puke on your device through this one… And now, stand back and watch me butcher the utter fuck out of stage 1 to the point that Mr Roskopp was close to repossessing my Nomad from me…

As it may be noted, it was hard enough without the Romans on the scene, stage 1 being one of those scenarios whereby once it started going sideways, literally, it was hard to get back on terms and oblivion beckoned you lovingly into its pit of despair and dismay to be heaped on top of the other riders who sat at the bottom muttering ‘fuck‘ and ‘I can’t ride my bike‘. The junk yard of dreams and ego was working overtime that day!

Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 of the overly drawn out EWS shredit action.

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