A particularly esteemed member of the DN Global Collective recently shared with me some words of wisdom that I thought were worthy of regurgitation. “Nomad“, he said, “It’s like this“:

“We all need something to do… And someone to love… And, something to look forward to”

Here in the Global cHub #1 is a contentious topic for most people I know and, I dare not get into the second item, but its hard to ignore the importance of the last part. Yes, having something to look forward to. This one is critical, as it can provide the hope and platform to help you power through a number of particularly shit tasting situations.

For example you may look up from your cubicle/paid prison cell to find some dude called ‘Todd’ dribbling all over his corporate issue Polo shirt, which is tucked into his tan chino’s (Todd loves casual Friday), while he wanks his lanyard back and forth wanting to talk about a PowerPoint Preso that you just want to light on fire and then use to torch Todd.

Whilst you fantasise about the whole Todd Bonfire scenario*, trying to block out his gibberish about using the new corporate template on the next version and the fact that he has a role from an ‘Enablement’ function that just sits on the sidelines throwing banana peels into the arena of those trying to do real work, its vitally important to have something awesome to look ahead to.

Thank fuck for Trans Provence then… And the fact that this week they dropped their first little teaser video of what’s to cum, no, that’s not a typo, its in line with how Endurogasmic these numbers are:

6 days. 270km. 9000m up. 18000m down. 24 Special Stages… And a whole lot of Radness:

Two… Weeks… To… Go… until Europe… Burn TODD, BURN!

*No ‘Todd’s’ (not his real name) were injured in the making of this post

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