So here we are… The final in the three part series of the EWS Practice action. Don’t worry, I’m as bored as you are with the single camera angle, a #firstworldproblem that I promise to rectify for EuroENDURO in June.

In the mean time though, its time to suffer your way through Stages 6 and 7 and indulge in the magnificence of what it looks like when I totally lose my noodle/nerve/shit and ride like Coco the puss on Stage 7 practice.

On the upside though, Pro stalking is at an all time high in this one. Watch as I harness its power to actually ride fast on Stage 6. I know what you’re thinking right, should have totally been riding in the PRO category! Lessons for next time.

Yes, I documented the losing of the nerve on the Stage 7 practice, but in a form of ‘no-footage available’ redemption, all the shit I didn’t nail in practice I totally hit on Race Day, which of course led to all sorts of raving euphoria in the round up of race day. The whale sized irony of course is that once you commit and just ride all that stuff, it’s actually not a big deal… Sigh… #wishiwasasgoodasmybike

Annnnnnnd…. I’m spent. Yes, that’s it, I’ve emptied the Go PRO sack all over Vimeo and apart from some hidden footage files, that’s pretty much the DM2 Shredit action done and dusted. Stay tuned for a possible editors cut of some qTown and Rots sifting action… Maybe…


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