Well, the call went out yesterday to surrender your tales and pics and it did not take long for the phone to be answered.

Never one to hang about, Herr Doktor was straight ON it this morning smashing out some sweet single track at his secret flow testing facility at an undisclosed location in Western Strayla. Deep in the badlands outside Perth, his preparations for Shredpocalypse the second coming continue unabated. His trail destroying weapon of choice? The Enduro world series winning Cannondale Jekyll, however this one a very custom build by the good Doktor, you won’t see one of these on the showroom floor. An evil combination of stealth fighter and Special Operations equipment:


Basically one of a kind – The mad creation of a dirt genius, comes complete with shadow.

Check this out for a taste of the goodness Perth has to offer. Those of you currently cursing mud/wet/cold, this may mind fuck you completely, so enjoy it:


I believe its called FLOW

Seems they also have their trail names well sorted out in Perth, this would be absolutely my kind of trail by the looks:


This is bordering on being Artisanal… Prolific carbon and trail shot

Panning back a tad and I am starting to see how they came up with the trail name… Yes indeed…



And just to tip any of your Mountain Bikers over the edge, how about what appears to be an ideal gradient and line to encourage some serious trail ripping?


Looks a lot better than getting fingered in a wet break…

This is just a mere Hors d’oeuvre of what appears to be on offer down in Perth, so its no wonder that the BIG guy had this to say about it:

"Get your ass to PERTH"

“Get your ass to PERTH”

Not the only tin smashing mofo to be saying so, the Dok also endorses getting west side for some shredding:

"I pinned the pro line to flat, why can't everyone else? This is how I did it, watch my hand"

“That’s right cockheads, get involved… I’ve got some gravel here that will make you a real man”

For those MTBers currently looking out the window at rain/snow/fog/mud/depression, then maybe its time to add Perth to the list? It seems to have found its way to the top of the Dirty Nomad targeting list… Bravo Herr Doktor for the on the ground report and pics.

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  1. Josie

    Hmmm – looks very flat to me. Where are the mountains?? (an essential part of MOUNTAIN biking?)


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