Yes, a very odd combo… But what this week has in store here at Dirty Nomad HQ. First, the Rest part:

I don’t think that I really recovered properly from the effort at Nationals a week ago and felt tired all last week riding. This was obviously compounded by spending an hour and twelve minutes at Threshold on Saturday climbing Genting. I could feel the fatigue on both days and as such, can tell when its time for a break.

With all the travel and riding (fuck, poor me) I haven’t really had a rest week at all, so this week will definitely be about chilling before the next big trip (more on that tomorrow). The problem with a rest week is as soon as you stop riding and start chilling you feel totally arse and rooted all the time, so that’s the downside.

The time out is also being driven by the next item to contend with this week – Relocation:

Yes, its time to relinquish Dirty Nomad HQ here in Singapore… Doing so is a combination of terrifying and liberating, as I am taking the ‘Nomad’ part of the equation to the next level. With the plans for the next fews months revolving around a lot of movement, it made little sense continuing to burn epic cash on the palatial Nomad Mansion here in SG. Am I freaking out about not having a fixed abode? You bet… What’s more freaky is setting up weapon cache’s around town to store my team.

Much obliged to the A Cat for taking in THE (clean) Nomad last night, quite hard making one of my loved ones move into a bomb shelter:


“Have a good time in Spain you fuck while I stay rammed in here… I will blow a cartridge if those kids touch me”

Whilst going through the prep process to be homeless, I have come across a couple of revelations as I downsize, in a brief moment of philosophical ramblings, here they are:

Revelation 1 – I have been throwing out shit from the HQ for months now and still, even today as I started to pack I was finding I still have a lot of unnecessary stuff that is being binned or given away. Its amazing how much stuff we have and don’t need.

Revelation 2 – Linked to #1, we spend a lot of time at work (and working quite hard) to get paid to then acquire this excess stuff we don’t need, that takes up space to be ultimately thrown out (says the man with 6 bikes and 5 pairs of Diesel shoes). As such, work less, buy less shit and ride more would be a good approach. No, I am not a hippy and still hate carnies, but when I do get a normal job again (cold shiver) I will be buying a lot less ‘stuff’.

Genting Highlands video montage

So I totally turned into a hater and bitched out Genting (or should that be Kenting?) over the last few days, but thought it would still be worth throwing up a quick montage video of the day one ride there. So, here we are, 3.5 hours of Genting into 4 mins 30 (about what it deserves):

Welcome to the Ghetto! Don’t be fooled by lush vegetation, it smelt like Ray Parkers litterbox. (as per usual, if the vid won’t stream in the above window, hit the Vimeo link on the bottom right to watch it on their site)

4 Responses

  1. haek

    don’t you ever use my dog’s name in the same sentence as that filthy sh*thole again you swine

  2. Shep

    what sort of pass are you on now? I guess if it is a visitors pass it is a good idea to leave every 30 days.

  3. Shep

    OIC. plenty of freedom then. I’m heading to NZ in Oct clean out my house in Auckland. Dreading to think how much stuff there is to throw out. When I left for Singapore 6yrs ago, all I took was one suitcase. Was supposed to be away for only 1 year!


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