One of the problems with traveling a lot is that as soon as you stop for more than a week, it can feel a bit dull… Especially from a riding perspective. It also occurred to me that if you are writing a blog about traveling with your bike, you’re pretty much fucked for updates sitting around in the pool or traffic in Singapore (literally those are the two only options). The last week has also reinforced to me that my tolerance and enthusiasm for Singapore roads seems to be at an all time low.

So, with the weekend approaching (well, essentially here), its time to get out of town on a very rare things around these parts: A road trip.

Yes, in almost 4 years I think I have only been on one roadie out of Singapore, up to Sepang in Malaysia for a Crit race on the F1 circuit there, that for me lasted 1.5 laps before I blew a $150 tub to pieces… Joy. For a massive flash back to Feb 2012, check out this old skool action and kit:

Happy times... And for once, everyone in matching kit... Ahhh...

Happy times… And for once, everyone in matching kit… Ahhh…

That would be me, the cock who had to have everything red and clash massively… So hard to let go to old habits. I also vaguely recognise the two guys next to me… Times have changed…

Here is proof that deep dish carbon wheels can make any bike look awesome (ignoring the fact that those Zipp 404’s were a nightmare of a wheel, suspect I got the batch post Zipp being acquired by SHAM/SCAM):

Much slower without a beard... But, the fastest Alu road bike known to man

Much slower without a beard… But, the fastest Alu road bike known to man

But the best part of that day wasn’t the road trip… or the (small) race… It was an anonymous team mate zip tying their wheel to their fork when securing their transponder… The stuff of legends and captured for prosperity:

This photo reserved for 40th birthday slide show

This photo reserved for 40th birthday slide show

Back to the future… Usually if you want out of here for a weekend away its via Changi Airport or the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, but not so this weekend. That’s right, its into the Nomadmobile (the Korean Donkey Ex-Pat soccer mom wagon) and into Malaysia (truly Asia apparently) to ride the only landmark around these parts that I have had on my list for 3 years and not done yet:

The Genting Highlands

In terms of road climbs, this is as about as bad ass as it gets around here… Which isn’t exactly excitement factor, but it will serve a few purposes:

  1. An excuse to get out of town for the weekend
  2. Should bring some decent material to share, especially photos
  3. Is excellent for what comes NEXT in a week or so… Feel that anticipation build!

Here is the low down on what the climb looks like… The red stuff will no doubt be mind numbing and awful:

Whores Category

Whores Category

Indeed, this is a ‘Hors Category’ climb, rare around these parts obviously and used every year in the Tour of Langkawi, so its the real deal. In fact, it tends to massively sort out the GC in that race, so clearly quite decisive.

So, I literally have no idea what to expect, but we shall soon find out… First order will be getting there without getting lost, so fingers crossed. Let the road trip begin!

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