With travel, jet lag and rain being the theme of the last two days as I relocated from the Desert to DN Global Hub HQ, I’m thankful that once again we have a guest report to bring to you, this time from my home town of Wellington, with a spin around the fabulous Makara MTB park from the Hussler. I hope to be back on the bike on Sunday, as well as bring the report from the Taupo boys (if they are able to type/communicate), but here we go in his own words:

It finally stopped ranging today in Welly after a week of Southerly storms and heavy rain (DN Ed note – Confirmation that summer has arrived then), time to brush the cobwebs off the Anthem for a twilight MTB at the goodness that is Makara Peak. So while most normal people were heading out for a good time in town I was heading for a good time of a different kind (DN Ed note – Your happy ending on Swigg would have been better than most happy endings in town Hussler). I deserved it after and afternoon of 4 children running roughshod round my house while I cooked pancakes for wine supping mums (DN Ed note – You left half boozed mums at home? Confusing…). The view of course is always worth the pain:


Looking over to the the spiritual home of Rivet Racing 495

At the top after swooping Koru, Sally Alley and Aratihi according to Metservice winds gusting up to 100kmph up here, felt like it to. Epic view back to Wellington and he entrance to the rocky love fest that is the Ridgeline:


Hussler – Santa is bringing you some new grips and a camelbak that hold everything you need it in…


Looking down on Karori… where 95% of Retail bankers live

Looking the other way was even more spectacular, time to scamper clearly:


Its either the sunset or a tactical Nuke at the moment of detonation…

It was getting dark pretty quick but managed these two shots of Northface (DN Ed note – Awesome trail, absolutely love it…) and JFK:


Hand man and tonnes of flow… Good times


Berm anyone?

Awesome evening blat, one hour of 100% single track on some world class trails. Realised that taking iPhone shots of your MTB ride seriously impairs flow and ability the SHRED (that’s my excuse and sticking to it buddy!!)

Thanks to the Hussler for todays guest report – Its a great scene setter for the DN summer tour, where we will be stopping off at Makara at some stage, to unleash the Carbon Nomad and/or the Scalpel on its goodness. The mountain bikers now take an unassailable lead in the guest reports stakes… Head shake of shame for the road crew. 

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