Now that is the question… Astute readers will be quick to note that for a blog about cycling & traveling, there has been a bit of riding going down (900km’s in the last 2 weeks to be precise), but little to no word on an actual TRIP.

Yes, this is one of the rare periods since June 2013 where we haven’t had a trip totally locked down or confirmed 100%, whilst there is some concepts in the oven or firming up, its definitely a lull period at the moment.

So, this regurgitation of some lost Go PRO footage that I found recently from Whistler last year does present the interesting question, is this a flashback or a preview of what is to come?

As the video says… I got 99 problems and wheel size AIN’T one… This run of B-Line completed on the fabulous Santa Cruz V10c.

This is also a good reminder just how average the Go PRO 2 is compared to the 3+ AND why its always better to dazzle people with a montage rather than bore them with one continuous trail…

A word to Herr Doktor though – Study this well, its the Whistler daily warm up trail…

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