After yesterday’s exciting and crotch filled build up promo, I bet you’ve been busting your pants in anticipation of the unleashing of the Snozza V Butterfly movie premiere today.

So, to not disappoint, here is the first DN montage that utilises more Go PRO camera’s than a porn shoot, we went all out with no less than 3. Lesson from doing so? triple the editing work. If the chest mount shot doesn’t give you motion sickness, then you could comfortably become a fighter pilot no problem. Enjoy and respect the 12.12 form:

As a test run for future trips, the lesson here was about how to use the chest mount (point it up perhaps and don’t do XC riding with it) and of course, if you want to use the reverse bar mount pick your angle carefully and ideally make sure it stays upright.

Still… Some good shots in here if I don’t say so myself and I’m also pleased that I didn’t seem to pick up dengue fever in the making of this video. I did pick up a stark dose of reality though for how long you can ride a 30 pound trail bike for behind an Ex-PRO on a Cannondale Scalpel, which as the video shows, is not very long at all.

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