Buckle up for the first dose of some dirty randomness in 2015… Its been a while since the buffet of weirdness has been rolled out, so lets get eclectic on it. Given the volume of people on holiday, plenty of randomness jammed into today.

I’m HATING being back in the Global hub while the NZ affiliates are hitting all the hottest spots where we’d all much rather be. Continuing the theme from the NZ Summer Lovin trip and its epic #roadporn, the Pork Meteor has been smashing out some MASSIVE rides around the Wanaka area, including multiple assaults on the Crown Range. His Instfuckyougram posts have been make me summercidal:


Memo: Return to this area immediately for insane riding

Whilst the DN Mission planning is starting to firm up nicely to include a foray back into this hallowed area, one place that’s never been on the list has popped out of bowl of rice literally over the holidays, when Das Wolf was sentenced to spend Christmas in Hong Kong of all places. We therefore dispatched him like a wolf shaped drone to find some trails worthy of A) Shredding and B) mentioning. He managed to dig around in the back yard and came back with the proverbial bone alright! The Wolverine heading to the Tai Mo Shan area to give the Heckler an outing it deserved:


Forest, dry, serpentine… The right ingredients

Well known for his penchant for cherry picking only the good stuff, the furry one selected the Ho Pui Trail, Black Diamond and threw in some Reservoir action during his HK Freedom protest, looks like a bit of hand built trail has been going down in between tent cities…


The Black Diamond Trail looking good…

I’m not sure there is enough kicking around in HK to make it a destination per se, but as Wolf has discovered, if you’re in town and have the MTB on hand, head out to check this shit out for sure: http://app.strava.com/activities/234745280

Not content with winning Downhill World Champs medals, World Cup DH Podiums, Aussie National XC Rounds and of course the ENDURO World Series last year, Grubby has been out winning Road Crits already in 2015… Against NRS riders nonetheless… I respect the Cannibal is the greatest cyclist there ever was, but fuck me if Grubby isn’t carving out a special niche of his own, clearly he’s getting in form for the EWS, where he shall remain Dirty ENDURO Hero #1:


“How do I explain to the team manager I’m about to be ENDUROED?”

Speaking of racing, the World Cup downhillers are already thinking about Round 1 in April, in France of course… And how about a penny for the thoughts of Aaron Gwin here as he looks over his new Demo… Whats on his mind?

  • A) Its still not as long as my old Trek for fucks sake
  • B) Fuck I wish they had actually listened to me during development
  • C) Oh god, its dripping in SHAM again..
  • D) How do I tell the Fox dudes that I REALLY want that Ohlins rear shock…
  • E) All of the above

I’ll leave it to you to guess how many of those I actually overheard whilst eavesdropping on drunk people in Meribel last year…


“So wish I’d signed with Santa Cruz…”

When you’re a PRO cyclist, an alarming number of people look up to you… Even people that don’t like to admit it still do, so its extremely important how to say Happy New Year to people. As it turns out, some do it better than others… I don’t think I need to add a lot of commentary here, suffice to say this ones for you Toa Payoh… Oh dear, turns out there was a terrible mix up in understanding what a pussy magnet really is:


No wonder there were some problems before even getting to the cobbles…

Suddenly pleased I passed on the Sky Rapha kit… On the topic of PRO’s and weirdness, there was a lot of drama recently about Nibbles spending time with Ferrari… Whilst some sites like to whip themselves into a frothing melt down about all this juicing drama that they can’t really control or influence, I failed to see what the noise was all about, after all, its not like Nibali tried to hide it! In fact, he spent the whole day with Ferrari and even hung out in the garage, could you blame him?!


“Is rad no?”

And finally today a day late belated Dirty HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our main Euro Affiliate, Spanky Williams. Yes, he’s completely ageless, so no idea how old he just turned, but one thing we do know is the mofo has been shredding it hard since back in the day when knee pads were just for fuckers on skateboards, check the style as he puts the Iron Horse World Cup under the pump:


Carving Niseko before anyone knew it existed

Fast forward to 2014 and he’s still letting shit fly, as some may recall tearing into Chatel… Some things never change, thank fuck:


20 years of getting shredded by the Spankster… A privilege

Happy Birthday bro! Right, with the random sac emptied out all over your Monday, its back to installing the new security upgrades to DN HQ. Have a great week gang! Unless you’re heading back to work, in which case you can probably smell the scent of sweaty balls mixed with squirrel turd.


DN: Pioneering equal opportunity employment

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