Not that I really need to spell it out, but it did occur to me that all around us at the moment is evidence that cycling is awesome… Here are just a few examples of its general grandness (get your bike geek on here):

1. MTB Downhill World Cup finals

The World Cup Downhill MTB finals were on over the weekend, with the whole 6 race global series coming down to the very FINAL run of the season to decide who would be champion. This excellent video found on Vimeo and Pinkbike is one of the best examples I have seen of why Downhill MTB is such a cool sport, if you’re going to watch a 6 min vid on mountain biking, then this is it:

Imagine that?! Your WHOLE season comes down to ONE run. Imagine being Steve Smith in the start house, on the cusp of achieving a massive dream and all you had to do was get down in front of Gee Atherton… epic pressure (perhaps Dean Barker needs to call Steve Smith for advice when under such pressure). What an awesome season in an awesome sport!

2. World cycling tour finals in Italy

Congrats to the Goat and Clarso who took on the UCI World Cycling Tour finals in Trento Italy over the weekend… An epic undertaking and course, against some of the best amateurs on the planet.

It sounded like a tough day on a brutal course and last climb, so well done boys for getting in amongst it and giving it some on such a big day!

3. World Road race champs

The world road race champs are on this week and weekend in Florence, Italy. There is something super cool about the World Champs being decided in the sport and this should be a cracker, with around 47 of the top 50 PRO’s turning up for the road race on Sunday. Personally I wanted to see Spartacus do the double:

"Yes Bambino, you come and see Sparticus later on after I have smashed the stage to pieces...."

“Yes Bambino, Spartacus would look so good in white for all stages…”

But, that didn’t work out so well in the TT today, with the German MACHINE Tony Martin taking it out – Thinking about how you ride at an average speed of 52kph for 1 hour and 5 minutes in a time trial is enough to melt my brain out my ears. So, fingers crossed Fabian can do the business in the road race. Please anyone win it but Froome… Or someone on Juice. Will also be cheering for Nibbles to take the rainbow jersey.

4. The Wellington NZ Road racing scene

Its spring down under and some big races ahead… So its great to see the Rivet boys getting it out and mixing it up on the local Welly road racing scene, here is Ango from the weekend getting in amongst it in this stylish black and white shot from Backy:

The two titan teams of the welly road scene in lockstep...

The two titan teams of the welly road scene in lockstep…

Cycling… Awesome… Fuck off from work early and go for a ride. Even better, call in sick and go on an EPIC ride (for the latter option, perhaps don’t refer to said ride via any social media channel just to be safe).

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