I love organic growth… Much like the fastest way to ride a bike is by being as smooth as possible (watch any PRO for an example), I always believe the best way for things to develop is by naturally letting them flow, with the occasional steer in the right direction if needed. If you think about your best friends, chances are it developed over time and not just because they were a pushy fucker the first few times that you met them… Relaxing and letting shit develop as its meant to is usually the way to go, especially if you want long term success.

Well, here at Dirty HQ things have been slowly brewing over the last 18 months and it feels like this inappropriate site has come quite a way since the first post, which was written without a thought as to what the future may bring. We’re now banned by the firewalls of multiple corporates, so a clear sign that we’re doing something right! I couldn’t have asked for a better endorsement than this, we are SO Porn right now:


You created me… Now you shut me out?! GOLD!

Cleary this means we need to take things to the NEXT LEVEL YO!

With this in mind, I’m therefore pretty stoked, proud and excited to bring you Dirty Nomad 2.0! As you may note, its a rather insane step forward in design, layout and not having to scroll the fuck out of your web browser to find anything! It had occurred to me that anyone rocking up new would be faced with not only the world’s ugliest and obese menu, but an insane scrollathon through pages and pages of shit to find something that may appeal to them. The idea now is that all the Dirty ranting and raving is significantly more accessible and in a more logical fashion – Fuck its satisfying a LOT of OCD’s all in one go.

Given I’m all about meritocracy and never ever pick favourites (all the hot chicks that ever worked for me are giggling right now), credit needs to go where credit is mega due – To this savant of a unit, a prolific web maestro, designing so deftly he makes Italians give up before they can get out of bed, he did to the Dirty Nomad site what the Welsh Assassin does to segment times globally; fucking smashed it to a new level of amazingness – Unleash the Web Hawk:

Literally licking his multi talented lips at the prospect of a dirty refresh...

Literally licking his multi talented lips at the prospect of a dirty refresh…

If you need something uber cool and HOT all at the same time done, and aren’t afraid of Globalisation, then I can absolutely lock in a massive Dirty recommendation to head here: http://www.studiomochi.jp and let your shit get massaged into something PRO. In my case the look and feel now vastly outstrips the content, which is a huge result. In essence the site is now like a massively hot chick that is rubbish to actually talk to.

Not to rave on too much about the #bromance, but a massive thanks to the Hawk and our Japanese Style & Design hub for the golden work that has gone into 2.0. Its not only a super cool way to rebirth things, but as we would like to say in corporate cuntland: Its the platform of the future to support our exciting and aggressive growth agenda! 

With that in mind, I have a particularly exciting piece of news to share tomorrow which is probably the most epic thing to have happened in the DN History, a surprise I now realise may be slightly ruined given the new site has an Instagram feed on it, but watch this space for the full low down on a massive coup for 2015!

In the mean time, have a sniff and finger around the new site… Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed getting it set up. Apologies to everyone for the random test mail bomb earlier this week, nothing like a random mail drop to see who’s really paying attention.

Worth noting – The only change in migrating to the new platform is around e mail subscribers and followers, which didn’t come across. But, if you want to continue to get Dirty updates when I post, please head to the subscriber field on the right and menu and ram your e mail address in my little box…

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