Had enough yet?! Fuck no, me neither! So there is MORE! This time is Lower Blue Velvet, a bit painful to get to at times given how flogged out the upper section was, but SO worth it once you’re there.

The trick with Lower Blue Velvet is you have to nail the fuck out of it and the faster you go, the more it all makes sense… Except its rather long. Note the superb stunt work performed by Motoman in the middle of this footage:

I know video blogging is as lazy as it gets, but don’t worry, my Go PRO sac is almost empty, just in time for something EPIC coming up as well. But first, even before that, an ambush is amongst us. Here is the worst kept surprise EVER… Look what’s on its way:


I am going to make you SO Dirty…

BOOOOOM – Nomad 3 in da house! Miami Nomad at that, this bad boy is on its way to the Global Hub HQ as you read, about to take pride of place in the fleet (well, what’s left of the fleet after we sell half of it to fund this). Yes yes, yes… I know:

  1. Its the devil wheel size…
  2. Nothing wrong with the current Nomad…

Fear not, both of those points shall be addressed in due course. Watch this space.

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