YO! Back to the REAL action – Some more sweet video love from Whistler. Yes, 29er stories have been banished and I have been sweating over my Macbook churning out more amateur gnar porn for your enjoyment.

The latest Shredit is a highly disorientating Tech Mix Master of some of the Fitzsimmons zones finest technical trails. Extremely astute watchers will note that there is no ‘Angry Animals’ footage in here, all for good reason and watch this space. In the mean time, here is a mash up of angles, trails, riders and HOT action:

If you managed to watch that without getting motion sickness, then good work. The chesty angle is great, but slightly lurchy to be fair. This mix is also all over the place, need to keep shit fresh and different with this much footage. Highlights from a trail perspective include Afternoon Delight and Devils Club, as well as the crowd pleasing Angry Pirate. LOVE Whistler.

Next up – Some Garbo Goodness… More exciting that being moist in a meeting!

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