We urgently interrupt this 29er XC riding fuck fest to bring you some radness hot off the Shrediting grill. Yes, its the Macdaddy of mash ups, a sizzling sequence of none other than A-Line! Yes, this is 7 minutes long, but I have gone to lengths to make sure it doesn’t feel like that… So sit back and enjoy one of the most famous trails on the planet:

Music was inspired by Motoman… Due to him showing the best style down A-Line, I have selected tunes that best reflect the way that rad mofo rolls. Great riding on a truly excellent trail.

This mash up comes from about 4 or even 5 different runs down A-Line and from two separate Go PRO’s. One bolted to Herr Dok’s POC and the other one mounted under my TLD Visor, below the handlebar and some freaky rear position action… I can neither confirm nor deny if it took me 6 hours on a plane to piece this mad jigsaw together – Yes, expect a post soon on Go Pro editing tips and what not to do.

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