Well, its only taken a month or so to finally get cracking on the Dirty Vids from Trans Provence, but hopefully this means its well worth the wait! I’ve abandoned any semblance of EuroEnduro order here, instead opting to dip my face in the cream first, straight to the Trans Provence action.

Based on the embarrassing volume of footage shot over the week, I mused a fair amount about how to best present it for Dirty consumption. In the end, I’ve gone for the three part mini-series, which is about the right number to do it justice but also not bore you into an absolute stupor. Conveniently, this means two days per episode… Fuck I’m awesome at maths.

So, without further written faffery or more of that ‘here he goes again‘ gushiness, let the eyes feast on Part 1 in the Dirty Nomad Vs. TP series, Days 1 & 2:

Odd music combo you may think? In a way… But its homage to the tunes that were doing the rounds either in the Chill tent at Camp or in Sean’s Shuttle on the way up the hill in the first few days, so while they may seem slightly out of place, they instantly take me back to the French radness.

And with that… Back to work on Part 2 and feeding my PTSD! Gaaaaaaaaaaa

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