Today saw the start of the Trans Provence Enduro Mountain Bike race in Sisteron, France, making its way to Menton on the French coast, finishing on the 5th of October. Its awesomeness is online here:

So what I hear you say? Well, aside from the fact that its an epic and legendary enduro race in its own right (and only open to 70 people every year to race it!), it also happens to holds a very special place in a few hearts. How come?

Well, back in June this year, myself, the Wolf and Herr Doktor spent the week in the same place riding the 2012 race route and having what by the end of the week has commonly been referred to in simple terms as “The best week of mountain biking EVER”.

A pretty big call since I have been mountain biking since I was 12 (still miss my Scott Sawtooth MTB, it was a legend and a ticket to freedom which I took to dangerous levels at that age)? Well, to prove my point and to celebrate the best MTB Enduro race on the planet being underway, this week Dirty Nomad is going to be bringing you a recap of that trip back in June, day by day of what we experienced.

The other reason for doing so is that this was the trip that effectively gave birth to the Dirty Nomad concept – I have always regretted we weren’t up and running then to bring that trip to life via the site. So, over the next week it will be all about the flashbacks to epic French goodness. Also helps that fuck all is going down here, so I need to fill the void that is the Desert! As you’ll see, this recap series will really be about a Dirty Nomad:


Dirty and very much a Nomad…

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  1. TheSpankyWilliams

    And old school Jamie NIcholl smashing it, just like he used to smash us back in K.O.F days.


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