Three weeks… Significance? School holidays? Length of the Tour de France? Possibly… but in this context something else completely.

Its pretty much three weeks to the hour since I left work for the last time after 14 or so years there, in the only company I have ever worked for. What’s the big deal about a three week anniversary? Well, in that whole time working away like a robot with rabies, the longest duration holiday I ever had (once) was three weeks! No month off, no career or study break, just a insatiable diet of PPS, MS Project, meetings, travel, late nights, e mail and saying ‘Fuck’ a LOT.

As such, tomorrow marks all new territory if you will, the first time since I was a teenager that I have had more than 3 weeks away from work.

I have been eyeing this milestone for a while, as for the first two weeks on the DNWCT (I miss acronyms, so although this one makes no sense, its good to see I haven’t lost my touch… Dirty Nomad World Cycling Tour) its sort of felt like a normal holiday… But from tomorrow onwards we enter uncharted territory!

Speak of uncharted territory, I have attempted to pack light for Italy and its freaking me out massively… Here is my best effort:

Smallest bag EVER

Smallest bag EVER

Adding to my failure to be charged excess baggage, I have been upgraded to Gold on SQ and given extra allowance, whilst that’s great for my status anxiety, it feels perverse to be packing so lightly, a conundrum it seems.

Flashback Friday – Not much of a flashback as it was relatively recent, but here is a rather long video (and its not the whole thing) from the Trans Provence tour in early June, where the Dirty Nomad concept was first born (thanks to Das Wolf and Herr Doktor). This footage is from the side of the good Doktors head down the legendary Donkey Darko trail, with me making an ass of myself in front (low blood sugar), riding the actual Dirty Nomad. Its 16 mins of French mountain gnar and awesomeness, not to mention horn inducing scenery (apologies in advance for the motion sickness):

Quick movie alert, went to see Pacific Rim today, not bad if you like seeing giant robots and er, monsters dish out smack down on each other. Predictable and doused with bad acting, but it still manages to be engaging which isn’t a bad trait, don’t rush out to it though, only go if you have a few hours to kill before flying to ITALY. Speaking of which, its time to roll…


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  1. nicr1

    Good stuff Jimmy, watch out for clarson hiding in the bushes. He is well known for that action!


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