Gagging for some midweek inspiration? I’m changing it up today with something, well, just straight up awesome. I would usually expect a video of Anka and Sven Martin shredding in NZ to be golden, but this one really made me stop, enjoy and appreciate both NZ and Mountain biking in general.

And yes, it also made me wonder what the fuck I’m doing in the #cHub… Roll tape to appreciate why…

Holy fuck I just wanted to ride my bike after watching that! Real talk, no BS sucking up here… That action was legitimately ride inspiring.

If you want to see NZ in all its radness atop your ENDURO machine, then I would absolutely say there would be few better ways to do it than with these guys. Fair to say Anka knows a thing or two about the best NZ has to offer, riding the 3,000 or so kilometres from one end to the other in 18 days this last March… And you think YOU love cycling!

I was fortunate enough to ride with these GC’s in Spain, with Sven’s #lovesbackwheel saving my race weekend. Not too shabby behind the camera either just quietly…


Sven on point in the ZZ

The experience of riding with people that were always super stoked on the riding and the adventure was an awesome part of 2015, and reinforced to me that you’ll be hard pressed to find a couple of rad units that love a shred as much as these two. Just to put a cherry on the frothing top, both are also esteemed Santa Cruz ambassadors, not that they needed any extra cred!

NZ summer may have just ended, but don’t fuck about – Plan ahead, lock in some time to indulge in the above and get ready to ram your experience cabinet with something, well, awesome!

Stalking at breakfast sold separately…


Its never too early to force someone into being your new BFF

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